Our Strategy

Investment Criteria

Revenue $10M-$100M


At least 10% EBITDA margin

U.S. based (preferably Texas and Florida)

At least 20 full time employees

Defensible market position

Investment Philosophy

Types of markets we prefer. 

Pandemic resistant.

Recession resistant.

Ever increasing demand.

Not heavily influenced by new construction.

Fragmented market.

Our Value Add

Working with the management team to improve company culture for better employee retention and engagement. We believe this leads to a better customer experience, thus higher ROI. 

Weekly oversight in improving company sales, marketing and automation to decrease CAC and boost efficiency, thus increasing profit. 

Mergers and acquisitions

Raising capital for expansion

About Us

We acquire small to medium sized businesses.

You shed blood, sweat and tears building this brand but you can’t run it forever. When you sell your company, you need to sell it to someone who understands and respects your sacrifice. Abundant Culture does. 

We are a team of business owner’s just like you. We know about the late nights, early mornings and the stress that comes with being a leader even when you don’t have all the answers. We know what it’s like to build something out of nothing. We honor that, we honor you and that’s why we want to 10X your brand. 

Some companies would try to buy and scale your company at the expense of your employees but Abundant Culture has a people first and profit second mentality that is not only financially rewarding but spiritually rewarding as well. 

So let’s get further acquainted. Email us or schedule a call and learn more about the process of selling your company to Abundant Culture.

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